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Our Portfolio

Some of our recent projects
Note: Some of our clients won't allow to show some projects due to NDA contracts. Obviously those are not listed here.

Portfolio 1

Online notice board &
task management application

Almost learnkit.com replica. 1 year project involving extensive front-end and back-end features.

(JavaEE, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Spring, Hibernate, Graphic Design)

Portfolio 1

Mini freelance website

Freelance site for online work; also integrated into wordpress as a plugin as well as standalone

(Wordpress, Php, jQuery, MySQL, Graphic Design)

Portfolio 1

Website for a college & customized
student management system

Created attendance + reporting, biometric integration, exam reports, fees, enrolments, notice board.

(Php, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Graphic Design)

Portfolio 1

Magento backend and frontend customization

Dozens of Magento backend and front end customizations

(Magento, Php, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Wordpress + Buddypress backend and frontend customization

Dozens of Wordpress + Buddypress backend and front end customizations + responsive frontend design

(Wordpress, Buddypress, Responsive web design, Php, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Opencart e-commerce customization

Customizing / adding affiliate and referral module in opencart.

(Opencart, Php, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Quickbooks & SugarCRM integration

Two way synchronization between Quickbooks and SugarCRM via QB connector with short polling for accounts/customer module.

(SugarCRM, Quickbooks, Php, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Chat Module for a mobile App

Created chat module for an award winning mobile application

(JavaEE, MySQL, Android, iPhone)

Portfolio 1

Web Spider

Spider that fetched data from different statistical sites, fed data in database and produced reports in a very custom way.

(jQuery, JavaEE, PostgreSQL)

Portfolio 1

Several x2engine CRM customizations

x2flow customizations with API calls, Google spreadsheets, non-campaign email acknowledgements etc

(x2engine, Php, Yii framework, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

x2engine CRM Google Calendar Sync plugin

2 Way synchronization between x2engine CRM (Customer Resource Management) and Google Calendar covering calls, appointments, meetings.

(x2engine, Google Calendar, Php, Yii framework, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Server maintenance - Linux, Amazon AWS

Complete server maintenance including backups, bash scripting, security, automation, optimizations.

(Amazon EC2, Linux, Security, Backups, Bash)

Portfolio 1

Mobile app

A baby product comparison android application.

(Android, PostgreSQL, JavaEE, REST, Hibernate, Amazon EC2)

Portfolio 1

Mobile app prototype

A clickable & usable prototype for a mobile app that compares baby products.

(Marvelapp, Prototype, Android, Wireframe)

Portfolio 1

Browser extensions & addons

Created extensions & addons for Internet explorer, Firefox desktop & mobile, Safari mac and windows desktop.

(browser extensions, browser addons)

Portfolio 1

Mobile application

iOS app that integrates many websites.

(iOS app, mobile app)

Portfolio 1

Magento customizations

Theme customizations, payment gateway integrations and dozens of other customizations in magento based website.

(Magento, Php, website design)

Portfolio 1

Responsive web design & development

Created responsive design and developed custom website for desktop, tablets & phones.

(PSD design, web design, web development, graphic design)

Portfolio 1

Architect, Review feedback systems

App's basic features are to fetch, get, store and manage surveys and feedbacks from users type of client & customer. APp is customizable and ready to add-on more features as required.

(web design, web development)

Portfolio 1

IT Boost assets (machines) and domain manager

Specific features will store and manage consumers assets(for hardware) and manages relevant domains.

(web design, web development)

Portfolio 1

IT Boost Architect Document Management System

App is full of features like documents history revisions, provides change history comparison mode and Interface is highly customizable. Consumers are secure with role and privileges system.

(web design, web development)

Portfolio 1

Desktop screen capture software

An application captured images of employees screen (desktop) and auto uploads it to a web server with predefined time interval. Snaps were viewable on the web.

(Java, JavaEE, MySQL)

Portfolio 1

Accounting Software

Setup Wizard, Sales and Purchases with Chart of Accounts Management. Sales,Purchase and Stock management.

(JavaEE, PostgreSQL)

Portfolio 1

2 Wordpress & 2 Magento projects

Wordress theme building, customizations. Magento (1 small and 1 mediam store setup).

(Wordpress, Magento, Php, MySQL)