We are a PRODUCT LED self sustaining company & also provide managed software developers, digital marketers, VAs & more
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Methodology Details

Our Expertise

Related Expertise

Related Expertise

Self Ratings

Web Develpment95%

SEO & Social media marketing services90%

Mobile Application Development (PWA)95%

Desktop Application85%

Server Side Custom Development85%

Graphic Designing (We mostly outsource)60%

Open Source & Other Customizations on Demand80%

How we do things

We mostly follow Agile development methodology, being in constant contact with customer and local team with daily team collaboration in scrum

Understand requirements

We believe that understanding the right requirements and sometimes giving better suggestions is the most crucial part

Create proper timelines

Graphical and textual data of proper hourly based timelines for determined deliverables

Give updates on progress

Daily or twice a week development updates to clients

Agile based team collaboration

Proper project manager and team leads. Daily scrum meetings and role assignments. All should know whats happening and whats their role.

Quality assurance

Separate dedicated quality assurance team to check for bugs, after core development is completed.

24/7 support

Full and friendly support via email and phone

Fast Shipping

Try us for a minimum viable product as a test run! We are fast!

Low rates, more you save!

Due to our local currency, we can afford to give high quality at low rates.

Reliable support

Call us
any time!.

Our Customers & Testimonials

We allow new clients to pay after product or phase completion **.
So they will have nothing to lose or at risk!

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We provide many options such as
dedicated employees, hourly or fixed price based jobs.
HR services providing remote IT staff
All with proper senior project managers skilled technically and in communication